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Create your Reality

Discover the Limiting and Self-sabotaging Beliefs that Prevent You from Reaching your Goals

Are you ready to create a new reality?

Within my methodology, you will find transformative concepts,

practical and effective tools to discover
the Creative Source in you.

Our beliefs are the filter of how we experience life

Hi. I am Iliana.
Mystic. Transformational Coach. Therapist in Art & Movement. Entrepreneur. Artist. Bride of Gaia.


Co-creator of A New Experience of Life in the Highest Frequency

"In your heart is the love that gives birth to all the myriad beings in the universe."

- Paul Ferrini



Looking for self-empowerment and tools for manifestation?


Explore concepts that will help you increase your personal vibration to consciously create a New Reality.

You Hold the Power. Reconnect with your Mystical Abilities

"Tell me, what do you plan to do with your only wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver


These sessions focus on your personal, spiritual, and occupational goals, an exploration of how these three aspects of life interact supporting each other. Your goals Create Your Reality!
Release patterns that prevent you from experiencing your full potential.


In these workshops we explore issues related to MANIFESTATION and how the physical body is involved.

Our workshops aim to raise awareness and create clear Body/Spirit communication.

We are physical body within the spirit . One cannot create without the other.

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Classes last 4 to 5 weeks and we delve into topics, referring to the body, mind and spirit.

The classes are experiential in order for you to find YOUR truth and self-empowerment to create a resonant life experience.

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RINA LUNA, Retired Member of SFUSD

I was in the darkest place in my life, and by learning tools like visualization and connection to The Goddess of your Heart, an epic stage of spiritual healing began in my life.

Learning to anchor and meditate is essential!

These classes and sessions let me know that we are never really alone, allowing me to grow as a spirit that we are.

This methodology and teaching method takes you back to the "Kindergarten" and allows you to keep up and grow at your own pace. There is so much information and learning never ends: change and growth are constant!


The space that Iliana creates in her classes allows me to expand and change my perspective, as well as grow and stay firm, feeling very safe and loved.

Movement and meditation exercises allow me to connect with my body, mind and spirit, as well as with the application of art and sharing within the group.

Iliana's wisdom and gentleness is empowering.

The sacred space created in the classes brings me into contact with the experience of being myself. Her classes are "a celebration experience", an honest and direct experience. All my senses are animated, I always leave feeling relaxed and with a feeling of renewal and hope.

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