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Panda Deda is a cultural movement youth arts instructor and health educator. She has been teaching and assisting youth classes for over six years for non-profit organizations and schools in San Francisco including: Project Commotion, Acrosports, Access Via Exposure (AVE), EO MVMNT, Creative Arts Charter, Lafayette Elementary, Katherine Delmar Burke’s and The Hamlin School. Panda teaches the Brazilian art form of Capoeira, basic tumbling, art therapy, and works with children with special needs.

Panda believes that movement and art have the transformative power to cultivate growth, healing, and connection within oneself and the community. Her passion for movement arts began when she started training Capoeira in 2011, as a way to connect with her family and ancestors in Brazil. Panda trains under Mestre Urubu Malandro of Capoeira Ijexa and remains dedicated to the art form. She also trains acrobatics and tumbling with acrobatic trainer, Dominik Wyss. 

Panda holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Education, with an emphasis on community organizing from San Francisco State University in 2016. She also received her Holistic Health Program Certificate from SFSU in 2016. Her passion for mental health awareness while studying about health disparities in school brought her to participate in the 2016 California Directing Change film contest, winning 1st place for the category: Mental Health Matters: Through the Lens of Culture, a short film depicting the mental health challenges that first generation college students experience. Panda is a strong advocate of educating the youth about critical health topics through the medium of film and arts to promote social justice.