Reclaim your Power : self-empowerment 101

Group Class

5 weeks /

1.5 hr session

For Anyone 21+

Take the lead into a new way of being.

Step out of overwhelm into grounding & balance. This class is focused on implementing tools to bring awareness into Your Center for you to:​

  • Understand space and energy to create healthy boundaries.

  • Learn how to experience more energy and vitality.

  • Shift your attention to re-create your reality.

  • How you create more of what you enjoy by increasing your ”havingness” – your ability to have.

Our Creative Power

Public Workshop


1 Session / 1.5 hrs


For all 21+


September 30

What inspires you to create and manifest each experience in your life?

The information already exists in you to take the step towards creativity and well-being.

We will explore the tools to access our creative power:


  • How do we perceive reality?

  • Can we change our circumstances?

  • Why do we experience fear of change?