self-empowerment 101

This course teaches the fundamental tools to access your "Power" -  the ability to do, say, express or execute an action. By bringing your awareness to your center, you will become more aware of your personal space, your energy, and how to create healthy boundaries. By shifting your attention, you will learn to focus your power to create.

You will create new habits to prioritize your needs and maintain your vision. You can practice these simple tools anywhere and anytime and it is the first step in developing your mystical skills.

You will release:
Anxiety and stress
Guilt and patterns that limit your perspective

You will reconnect with:
Your Innate Intuitive Skills
Personal Power and your Life Force (maximum creative energy)
Enthusiasm for life


You will create:
Healthy boundaries in your relationships
The ability to be present

Priorities for your spiritual and personal growth

Class details and Modules

  • Guided meditation, creative drawing or writing, and light movement

  • Space for Body / Spirit Communication.

  • Discernment of programs and limiting beliefs.


Module # 1 - Alignment   

Connection with the Earth and the Sun    

Ability to be in "present tense" and let go.    

How to create separations and define your space    

Self-affinity and your ability to connect!


Module # 2 - Space I    

Neutrality: the power of the observer  

Separation from other people's energy   

Self-affinity and your ability to connect!


Module # 3 - Space II    

Reclaiming energy from the past and the future    

Creating healthy boundaries - your personal bubble

Module # 4 - Flow   

How energy runs in our body   

Concept of amusement as a spiritual tool


Module # 5 - Growth and transformation   

Resistance and spiritual growth    

The ability to give to yourself and self-empowerment


Module # 6 - Personal Power  

The simplicity of the Manifestation   

Your ability to have    

How to re-create your reality

Next Session:

10 - 11:30am Los Angeles /12 - 1:30pm CMX / 7 - 8:30pm Madrid

  •  Module 1 - Alignment

  •  Module 2 - Space

  •  Module 3 - Flow

  •  Module 4 - Growth and Transformation

  •  Module 5 - Personal Power

"The only limits you have are the limits you believe"

- Wayne Dyer

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