Six Module Course

This course is designed for women only.

By validating and owning your female body, you will learn how to use your female creative energy. Discover self-acceptance and personal empowerment by creating a balanced space of giving and receiving; identify patterns that stop you from manifesting a prosperous life.

This course is a continuation of the basic tools you learned in "The Art of Centering” course, but with the focus of self-healing and ownership of your female power.


​You will Release:

  • Other people emotions,

  • Judgement and competition

  • Family, society patterns and belief systems

  • Guilt & responsibility

  • Other people’s expectations

 You will Reconnect with your:

  • Healing power

  • Wellness vibration

  • Emotions to heal your body

  • Creativity and Intuition

  • Heritage and Ancestor in an empowering way

 You will Create:

  • Communication with your body

  • Healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Spiritual support system

  • Space of joy, abundance and enthusiasm

  • Balance between your male & female energy


This 6 module self-pace digital format course includes:

  • 1.5 hours audio & transcripts per module

  • Companion workbook to play and keep it in kindergarten

  • Exploration on specific topics & reference to variety of resources

  • Guided meditations implementing new tools

  • Exercises for self-exploration

  • Most frequent Q&A 


​(Module 1 &2) Your Body, Your Sanctuary 

The first 2 modules are focused on validating the physicality and having a better understanding how our female body works; we will take a closer look into emotions vs. someone else's emotions and the impact of this information when creating transformation.


Module #1- Grounding the Female Body

  • Qualities of the female body

  • The Power behind the Reproductive System

Module #2 – Letting go

  • Your Emotions vs. other people’s emotions (judgement, competition)

  • Releasing guilt and responsibility


(Module 3 & 4) Individuality, Your Soul Information

On the next two modules, you will learn how and why you keep creating the same patterns and how to disengage from them in order to ground your personal information. You will look at the woman on her role as co-creator in the human collective. 


Module #3 – Transformation and Growth

  • Owning your emotions

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Concept of amusement

Module #4- Ownership and Certainty

  • Personal freedom, owning your information

  • Creating separations, releasing negative patterns (ancestors)

(Module 5 &6) Stepping into Manifestation

On the last two modules, you will explore effective ways to keep your energy flowing to allow transformation; you will learn how to create new habits that sustain your new space to support creation on all aspects in life. 

Module #5 – Self-Healing:

  • Balancing your male & female energy

  • Communication with your body

  • Connecting with your Healing Guide

Module #6 – Personal Power:

  • Separating from other people’s expectations (family, friends & intimate relationships)

  • Personal Goals

"I want to think again of the dangerous and noble things... I want to be improbable and beautiful

and afraid of nothing as though I have wings."

- Mary Oliver

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