Pepperwood Preserve, Santa Rosa Ca. - April 6th & 7th, 2019

What is the Sacred Wombyn?

For thousands of years, the Sacred Wombyn has served the community as healers and leaders. Her ancient medicine has brought healing, restoration, connection and wisdom to the deepest wounds. 

We still hold this power deep within ourselves and within our Wombs. It is time for Women to tap into our inner wisdom and uncover the magic and healing power within ourselves. Once we recognize ourselves as Medicine Women we can bring balance and healing to Earth and the human collective.

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Two day weekend retreat

Join us for two days of female empower and creativity. Surrounded by a pristine nature site, experience the power of nature's support and the importance of connecting with it as we journeying into self-healing. 

Pepperwood Preserve is a 3,117 acre plot of land located in the Mayacamas Mountains in the coast ranges of California near the towns of Santa Rosa and Healdsburg in Sonoma County.

This retreat offers you powerful tools for mind-body transformation and spiritual awakening. Our daily movement rituals, meditation and artwork sessions prepare your body, mind and spirit for healing and deep understanding of your female creativity.

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9:30am  Arrival & Registration

10am  Opening Circle

10:30am  Workshop

12:30pm  Lunch & Free time

2pm  Workshop

4pm  Outdoors activity 

6pm  Dinner

Star Gazing - TBD


8am Breakfast

9:30am  Opening Circle

10am  Workshop

12pm  Lunch

1:30  Closing Circle

2pm  Departure

REGISTRATION & DETAILS - $320 per person


Facilitators: Iliana Rojero & Panda Deda



A non-refundable deposit of $80 is required to book your space.

Early Bird Special: $270 before January 31st.

Availability is limited to 8 participants staying at Bechtel House and 5 participants camping (if camping deduct $50)

Cancellation: 50% refund 30 days prior of starting day of retreat. 

(keep in mind the non-refundable deposit).

What's included:

  • Saturday Lunch & Dinner. Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

  • Room & Board for Saturday night (4 person room or camping )

  • Workshops & Group Activities

  • Guided Hiking / Stars Gazing  & Movement Sessions

What's not included:

  • Snacks

  • Transportation (however we can help arrange carpooling)

  • Camping equipment (if camping)

photo by sara silver @

Registration  $320


Day 1:

Opening Circle - Setting intentions for my retreat:

   - Movement exploration: "Honoring my Body"

   - Our role as Women

   - Introductions

Workshop #1:

   - Finding your Center: Owning your Power

                        * Lunch and free time *

Workshop #2:

   - Movement exploration

   - Connecting with the Planet: Connecting with your Chi

   - Elements and Connection with All - Owning your Intuition

Outdoors Activity

   - Medicine Walk

   - Communal Altar

                           * Dinner and free time *

Star Gazing (if weather permits)

Day 2:

                               * Breakfast *

Opening Circle - Embracing who I Am

   - Movement exploration - 

Workshop #3:

   - Tapping into our Female Creative Energy

   - Knowing my Male & Female energy, Balance

                         * Lunch & Free time *

Closing Circle

   - Tools & Support