"We are inextricably interconnected within the Universe. It is only the illusion of separation that we perceive through our physicality"

Beliefs determine how we experience life!


Our Beliefs shape us and shape our reality.
They influence the decisions and actions we make,

as well as directly influence how we perceive everything moment to moment.

Our Perception is filtered from our limiting or expansive beliefs,

and it is what separates or unites us from the rest.

We are a Spirit in the Physical Body.

We are a Singular expression of Source.

Our center is Source Itself, what we know as Spirit.
The singular expression, what we know as Self is our physical body,
the mind,

the emotions, the ego and the energy body.

Limiting beliefs are what keep the Spirit and the Self from being fully aligned.

Misalignment pushes the Self to seek attention and approval from external sources.

The healing journey is the experience of interconnection with EVERYTHING,

first by changing the perception within ourselves.

Perception without distorting filters, from our pure essence as a Creative Source,

is the step to manifest a full experience in life, individually and collectively.

What do you believe right now?

Your truth resides within yourself



Transformational Coach, Meditation Teacher, Psychic, Mystic. I have worked with families for the past two decades teaching how to align creativity to make your goals come true.

After working as an architect for over 17 years, becoming a full-time mother, and recovering from a family tragedy through meditation, I decided to start a new career as a Holistic Coach, combining psychic meditation and movement therapy and art.
I collaborated teaching and co-directing women's retreats in the Bay Area and Hawaii for over seven years for the "Spirit is Calling" organization, where I still lead the monthly Family Healing Circle, guiding people how to recognize the limiting beliefs and family patterns that do not allow us to experience life fully.

I was a volunteer in SFUSD for six years working with kindergarten and elementary school children, which inspired me to develop a children's curriculum, teaching empathy and self-expression through movement and art (Life / Art Process). My work with children and young people has continued to develop in collaboration for the Project Commotion organization in San Francisco for 8 years.

In my private practice I work with clients 1 to 1 and in groups, where we explore the subject of Conscious Manifestation and how to create a Reality in the Highest Vibration.

I am actively collaborating on different projects:

GuildofGaia.com - In May 2019 a group of people formed a group called "Brides and Grooms of Gaia" with the commitment to establishing a set of parameters and guidelines to co-create with Our Planet for a new reality, in high vibratory frequency.

Tu Vida Mágica - Sharing information from our personal experiences to reconnect with your mystical abilities to create magic in life.


IBenz Academy.com - In January 2021, I attended to the Instant Manifestation Workshop lead by Inelia Benz. I am a facilitator for the upcoming public launching of the program in July 2021.


Fossil Beach - As a result of the work in the Instant Manifestation Workshop, some participants of the group purchased a Land in Washington to form an Intentional Community!


Awakedu.com - A New Paradigm Educational System. We are an online resource platform for educators, parents, children and youth to connect and co-create a high frequency learning experience in Earth.
I am certified as "Tamalpa Practitioner in Life / Art Process" as well as RSMT. I live in Washington with my husband and two children, ages 15 and 11.


I recently became a Student of Mysticism with Inelia Benz.

My passion is the continuous study of mystical life, exploration of reality, being one with Gaia, as well playing through movement and dance.